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Build more beautiful culture?

How is culture created? It begins with artists envisioning the invisible. Hopefully, relishing beauty, although more often than not it seems mixed with twists of depravity. Wether they know it or not, artists partner with a spiritual kingdom. We convey invisible ideals. Our art creates possibilities or reflects the celebrations or failures of a community.

If we can be intentional to partner with Creator God to make beauty and truth more tangible, than perhaps we can influence our communities toward that light. This is some of the thinking behind All Nations Art Community. This is a new facility to gather artist to partner with God in the process of creating dance, music, art, media and community.

I feel privileged to be a founder of this venture. On July 5th, we dedicated this property. In between intermittent rain showers we celebrated with our builders, Koguma Home, as well as the Heartbridge performing arts team.

We hope you will join us in making this dream a reality.

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