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Gluttony of a Writer

In the process of clearing out a folder of random notes, accumulated thoughts, and journal entries I discovered this little gem. I wondered, who wrote it, to begin with. Perhaps I had copied and pasted it from somewhere. But the entry turned into some journalling. I hope you find this short paragraph entitled gluttony as enchanting as I do.

----- Gluttony -----

She learned a comforting amount of self discipline could be learned from sleep. Her counter part discovered this an ideal time for peace. During these early morning hours creativity emerged in much the same way as gazing out at white sand beaches and viridian hues from the porch of your villa in the tropics. In part because he was gazing at the beach from his tropic villa, sipping freshly brewed coffee, watching the colors slowly rise and pondering whether or not his coffee tasted of bananas.

At least there were no bikinis wandering by at this hour to distract his writing, he thought. At which point he wished there were and was distracted by images of the ones he had been particularly fond of the day before.

Maybe being a good writer required one to smoke. That was it. He needed a pipe. A pipe was a good tool to chew on and that would definitely do the trick.

He got up, wandered around the table, stretched, then decided a run along the beach would be good at waking his senses and getting adequate blood to his brain. That made sense, so he tugged one last sip from his coffee mug and padded down to the grass in his bare feet and bathrobe. He stretched awkwardly. Rolled his head around his shoulders. He discovered he was still stiff from yesterdays massage. He wondered if another massage might remedy that. He jogged forward a few steps, realized the grass more corse than he expected and decided a walk would be just as good as a jog. After all you couldn't rush things like this.

Suddenly he realized his coffee would be cold soon and how lovely a cinnamon roll would be to accompany another steaming full cup.

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