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Ugly Duckling Glorification

My drawing style is slightly off kilter. I end up with distortions that are not always intentional. Either I don't have the strongest drawing skills, or don't care enough to correct my mistakes. Maybe I'm eager to get into painting and forget to keep examining the image as a whole. However, this weakness is also what makes my style uniquely me, and something to be capitalized upon.

In high school, I used to adhere silly putty to newsprint faces and then stretch the imprinted image into distorted caricatures. I would then draw the "revised" image. It was a fun way to create my own reference. There must be some residual habits lingering from those early experiments.

Once I begin getting toward the end of an image, I realize how off I am, and often need to make adjustments. Although as I look at the process of many artists, it is much the same. Constant evaluations, adjustments, and redrawing is the norm. Especially with faces which can be so subtle in their uniqueness.

So I hope my own process videos inspire you to hope, that every painting can go through an ugly-duckling-phase before achieving beauty. And even leaving some of that ugliness behind (intentional or not) gives testimony to the potential for glorification for all of us.

Visit the new GRAMSKRIT page that explores the process behind the art.

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