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Finally A Natural Solution—Kind Of. Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile

Six months ago I took the plunge to give Apple Pencil a go, which meant the purchase of an iPad Pro to go with it. I had been loving the iPad experience, but frustrated over never being able to find a stylus that performed to a satisfactory level. I was half expecting to be disappointed once again.

My initial reaction illicited a sign of relief—followed by testing and exploring. Which apps would take this from being a toy, to being a part of a viable workflow. After playing with many different apps one rose to the top for me

Sketchbook has the most robust capabilities in a sexy interface that I find extremely compact. Below are all my favorite things about this app.

I love the various pencils that achieve a familiar line. The condensed layer palette makes adding and adjusting layers quick and easy. The puck makes adjusting size of brushes in colors invaluable. The sympathetic paint brushes the smudge tools and the texture brushes allow for great variety of effects while keeping the tool set simple. The selection tools are better than Photoshop.

And now for a few of the things I still wish for.

Numeral uno, would be able to adjust colors with levels and hue saturation. Next I'd like the ability to resize an entire image, have more options for transforming. My work around has been using Pixelmator to do any adjustments once I've completed an image. And finally the last thing I wish for was you could use the transparency of the previous later as a mask.

On the whole I am completely sold that this app can be close to the single source for all my drawings.

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