My Most Beautiful Painting — My Pallet Knife

It is almost sad when the most beautiful thing from a day of painting is your palette knife. The beauty wasn't intentional. It was just a tool used in the hand of the artist and ended up making a better painting than whatever else was being painted. I am working on some abstract paintings every Thursday. My process is one of exploration—trying to find what works for me. Lots of experimenting, and layers upon layers of color and texture. Perhaps that is what makes our lives beautiful too. Not all our effort to will something into existence, but rather the mess left over from our effort. The images here is of the plastic trowel I use to mix and spread my paint. I'll let you know when the actua

Ugly Duckling Glorification

My drawing style is slightly off kilter. I end up with distortions that are not always intentional. Either I don't have the strongest drawing skills, or don't care enough to correct my mistakes. Maybe I'm eager to get into painting and forget to keep examining the image as a whole. However, this weakness is also what makes my style uniquely me, and something to be capitalized upon. In high school, I used to adhere silly putty to newsprint faces and then stretch the imprinted image into distorted caricatures. I would then draw the "revised" image. It was a fun way to create my own reference. There must be some residual habits lingering from those early experiments. Once I begin getting toward

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