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There are days I meet my son at the train station after school. This gives me roughly 15 minutes each way to sketch and paint. Most of the time I only remember to hit the record button after I start liking the painting and think, oh this would be a good one to share. The other day I finally remembered to record. This 2 minute video represents the 20~30 minute process. Autodesk Sketchbook only records the actual brush strokes and not the time spent thinking or color picking. So the video is only sped up 2 times faster. You should be able to follow each design decision along the way. I am learning to stop and say, "that's good enough." Often the earlier stages of a painting are more interestin

How I rely on Intuition | Process Build | Red

I struggle to make decisions. Even the simplest questions can leave me confused. What do you want to eat? I don’t know. Let me think about it for awhile… A donut? No, too sweet. A hamburger? That’s always good if it’s got avocado. But too greasy. Ramen? No, too oily, maybe on a cool day. Sushi? Maybe for lunch, not dinner. And so the internal conversation goes on. So usually, I rely on others, “How about Indian?” “No, we want Soba.” If this is my reaction with a question so simple, imagine how stressed my life gets with decisions like should we move. However, after a small counselling session to improve my marriage, I was encouraged to utilise the same process making decisions as I use when

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