Warm and Fuzzy

Lately, I have been running numbers, creating business plans, laying out spreadsheets...and surprisingly enjoying it. Perhaps for the first time in my life, I am longing to understand what it will take to succeed, even if it is just understanding it on paper. That's the first step anyhow, right? The rest can follow. There seems to be new pathways being knit together in my mind to make even number planning a creative outlet. But I can only take so much, and today was able to sketch as I took my son to his school field trip to the zoo. This drawing started on the train, took form in a café. Then was finalised after I picked up my boy and rode the train back toward home.

Trellis of Process

Whenever you start a new image, a vast expanse lies before you. It's only after making those first few marks that your vision and emotions begin to have something to latch on to. Your sketch is like the trellis that gives the vine a reason to climb. When you begin painting, each stroke is like the vine finding its way higher and higher. As your painting takes form, you push and pull value and adjust color till the vine becomes mature. The finishing touches are where the buds blossom and you realize there's a new feature in your garden that can inspire appreciation for beauty and truth.

Finally A Natural Solution—Kind Of. Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile

Six months ago I took the plunge to give Apple Pencil a go, which meant the purchase of an iPad Pro to go with it. I had been loving the iPad experience, but frustrated over never being able to find a stylus that performed to a satisfactory level. I was half expecting to be disappointed once again. My initial reaction illicited a sign of relief—followed by testing and exploring. Which apps would take this from being a toy, to being a part of a viable workflow. After playing with many different apps one rose to the top for me https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/autodesk-sketchbook/id883738213?mt=8 Sketchbook has the most robust capabilities in a sexy interface that I find extremely compact. Belo

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