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Lavish Illustration & Whimsical Text

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I Go

A charming cast of characters embarks on a day of play. Whimsical verse invites readers to discover the various ways one can “go”.

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Ricky's Rainbow

Ricky longs for a home. When disaster strikes Ricky loses everything. He might even lose hope, if not for an unusual rainbow striped egg on his chest that sticks with him through it all.

SoapyBaby's Snowman

Can Soapy baby enlist her friends help to build a snowman, or are they too busy with last-minute Christmas shopping? A tale of friendship, as imagined by nine-year-old Rei-AynD’ru Fleming.

Call to Create

In 1994, one of my sketchbooks took on the moniker, GRAMSKRIT. It began as an exploration of creativity. Since that time my creative pursuits have continued to branch out — into poetry, experimental music, short films and even animation. At the heart of it all remains a commitment to produce whimsical children’s books in the hopes they become instant classics. Among these pages you will find a collective that houses the new and the old. Enjoy your journey through these creative exploits and find inspiration for your soul. — GLF

Step Inside Gramskrit

There is a world of imagination ready to be discovered. Come inside and adventure through these pages.